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Copyright at MHC

Your Rights

When you create a work, copyright exists the moment it is saved in a tangible form. Meaning, as soon as you right something down, record it, perform it, etc. you own the copyright in it. You do not need to put a copyright notice on your work but it does help remind others that copyright exists. 

If you choose to attach a copyright notice to your work it will look something like this: 

MHC © 2020

As the copyright owner you can also choose to share your work more openly. Many Creative Commons licenses are available and allow you to give others permission to use your work in specific ways. See more in the Beyond Copyright section of this guide. 

Ownership of Employee Works 

Copyright ownership of works created by an employee during the course of their employment belong to the employer as detailed in the Copyright Act unless otherwise agreed to. At the Medicine Hat College the Intellectual Property Policy currently states that copyright ownership remains with the faculty or staff member who created it. However, the College maintains a royalty free license to use the work for educational purposes.