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Copyright at MHC

Multimedia Viewing/Listening

Multimedia Viewing/Listening          


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  • Showing an entire movie, film, or musical work online does represent more of a copyright issue than playing it in class - but there may be options for your students to access it independently online.
  • MHC Library already has quite a bit of licensed streaming video content via our video databases.  Remember, you can link to this content!
  • MHC may be able to purchase streaming access for additional media but, as this takes time, standard commercial streaming options like commonly subscribed to services like Netflix that students may also subscribe to and can access using their own accounts may sometimes be the easiest option - though some students may not have access to those services.  (For exclusive content, the commercial services may be the only option.)


What can you do if you have a scheduled screening for a film that is not available online?

  • If you have a scheduled film screening and the film is not available digitally through one of our electronic databases, you may be able to conduct a virtual screening using the distance education exception in the Copyright Act (section 30.01).  This exception is not widely used as it includes a variety of requirements, such as:
    • You must not break a technical protection measure (TPM) (section 41.1) when the copy is made.  Please contact the Copyright Specialist regarding this.
    • The copy must be deleted within 30 days after course evaluation.  To minimize copyright risk, it is recommended that the stream is only made available for the shortest period possible.
    • You should post a notice for the students that the copy is being made using this exception.  For example: "You are receiving access to this teaching resource under section 30.01 of the Copyright Act, for use in this class only.  Under this section of the Copyright Act, you are not permitted to keep a copy of this content after the course has finished."



                            This resource has been adapted for Canadian universities by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries from material prepared by the Copyright Office, University of Minnesota document, Copyright Services, Rapidly shifting your course from in-person to online.  Unless otherwise noted, all content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.  We would like to acknowledge some contribution of adaptation of language from University of Toronto Scholarly Communications Copyright Office, Ryerson University, and the University of Saskatchewan.  Additional modifications were made by the MHC Copyright Office.