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MakerspaceMHC: Game Engines

A collection of tutorials, tips and tricks to get you started.

Game Engines

Game engines are programs that you can use to create and design video games. We offer free use of Unreal and Unity Video game engines. Check out the tutorials below and get making!


Unity is a multi-platform game engine that allows you to create video games for mobile, desktop, VR, AR, web and consoles.

Nervous about getting started? You don’t have to be- Unity offers a wide range of tutorials, courseware, online training, documentation and anything else you might need to get creating!                                               

Unity Manual

Unity Youtube Channel

Unity 5 Tutorial: Basics

Unity Tutorials

List of games that have been made with Unity


Unreal is the game engine of choice for many game developers. It's not only used in the creation of AAA games, but also for photo-real visualizations and filmmaking: so even if you're not looking to create a game, Unreal offers the best in creation of simulations and visualizations.

Unreal Engine Blog Tutorials

Learning Examples and Templates

Unreal Tutorials Playlist

Unreal Engine Introduction

Unreal Engine Wiki