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A collection of tutorials, tips and tricks to get you started.


To start it is important to know a little bit about resolution. Resolution relates to how many pixels are available per square inch within your video.

As you can see from the example above, the higher resolution your video is, the clearer your video will be. Distance also plays a part. Since you are sitting near the computer screen the 3x circle will look much more circular to you as compared to the 1x. However, the farther you move back, the clearer the other circles will become. For example, if you stand back say 10 feet the 2x circle will start to look more circular. I mention this second fact only so that you, the reader, will get the idea that resolution is a little bit more complicated than this guide will make it out to be.  

Now when it comes to resolution there is a body of set amounts that are usually used.

SD means Standard Definition. This chart is a little off; it includes 780 as SD, however, 780 is considered to be High Definition (HD). It is correct in the sense that 1080 is seen as truly being the start of HD. This chart shows us 2 things:

1) The more pixels, the clearer the image will be, and

2) SD looks better at smaller sizes or from farther away

Keep this in mind when recording your material.

Cam Link

Cam Link

Use the Cam Link available in the library in order to hook up external video devices directly to your laptop for recording. *Video device requires an HDMI output.


For more information on the benefits of recording directly to your computer see the recording live portion of the Green Screen makerspace guide.