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MakerspaceMHC: Video Editing

A collection of tutorials, tips and tricks to get you started.

Video Editing

Whether you are using the green screen or just wanting to create a video, you will need to do some post production work. This could be something as simple as editing and adding title screens or something more complicated like colour correction. This guide will give you a few starting points to send you on your way. Don't stress if the project is not coming together as planned, like anything, being able to edit video is a skill that must be practiced.

Movie Maker

Movie Maker

The first program I am going to talk about is Movie Maker. This program is available on most windows computers (including the makerspace) and is pretty easy to use.


Movie Maker has difficulty with larger file sizes! Movie Maker is NOT the recommended video editor for higher resolution videos. Use Movie Maker for smaller files, for larger files use Da Vinci Resolve or Adobe Premier Pro.

Colour Correction

Colour Correction

This next step isn't required but depending on your project you might find that you need to do some colour correction. Every video camera is different and records colour differently. Also, unless you manually set a camera's exposure (which is available in DSLR) the auto focus feature will set an exposure for you which will react to different colours. Having lots of a bright colour on say a wall, could cause your camera to set the exposure to make your wall look great but, not necessarily you. Camera's also tend not to record dark colours (such as blacks) very well and also tend to record darker and/or washed out compared to what the human eye sees.

Depending on your video this might not be an issue but if you are curious as to how to correct this than watch the video to the right for a basic idea.

Da Vinci Resolve

For larger files and higher resolution files it is recommended to use a more robust video editing program and Da Vinci Resolve fits the bill. It has many of the features or similar features to Adobe Premier Pro. Adobe Premier Pro is also available on the makerspace computers. Da Vinci Resolve it not as easy to use as Movie Maker and will require a little more trial and error. Watch the video below for an intro to Da Vinci Resolve.

Editing can be a complex process full of trial and error. Watch the video below to get an idea of how to edit using Da Vinci Resolve. If this tutorial moves too fast for you then YouTube "Da Vinci Resolve Editing" for more tutorials. There are more in-depth tutorials they just tend to be longer videos.

Tips & Tricks

Save Often & Wisely

Remember to save often & wisely when you're working with your projects. There is an undo button but if you really mess up it's a lot nicer to return to a previous save where you know your project was working for you.

Colour Correction